The King of the African Jungle

A story from Zimbabwe


When one fine sunny day the Lion felt rather strong and wanted to test his prowess. As he went about the African Jungle with thick canopying trees, the Lion met the Monkey, stopped and asked him: "Who is the King of the Jungle?" The Monkey bowed and answered "You Sire".

Feeling proud and reassured the Lion saw the Hyena and repeated the question to the Hyena who again confirmed that indeed the Lion was the King of the Jungle.

The Lion then noticed an Elephant two stories high. Resting under the shed of a Mopani tree, chewing cud.  "Who is the King of the Jungle?" the Lion briskly demanded of the elephant.  Before the Lion could finish asking the question, the elephant swooped the Lion off its feet and threw it against the Mopani tree.

Before the Lion could shake his senses back, the elephant picked it up again and beat it against a rock.

The Lion managed to extricate itself from the powerful grip of the elephant truck, stood at a distance and said: "No, no, no, you do not have to be so nasty and violent, just because you do not know the answer".