Animal Totem Descriptions


Lion   Signifies courage.  The lion symbolizes the astrological sign of LEO, which rules the heart.  Courage originates from the heart and from an individual's sense of personal authority.  One who acts truly from the heart is capable of leadership, achievement and the kind of success that encourages the accomplishments of others.


Mountain Lion/Puma/Florida Panther/Cougar This animal also represents leadership.  Be true to oneself.  Never allow the  fear of responsibility or jealousies and insecurities of others to divert you from your path.  The Puma is the symbol of a genuine leader.


Tiger  Being in the now.  The tiger is the most powerful of all the big cats.  He is solitary and a silent hunter.  The tiger is a symbol to remove all distractions from your mind.  Stay focused on the present moment.  Subsequently, the tiger can call on all of his strengths to achieve success.


Wolf  Loyalty, perseverance, success. Wolves have always been regarded by native Americans as teachers and pathfinders.  Wolves are fiercely loyal to their mates.  Wolves have a strong sense of family and are still able to maintain their individualism.  Wolves are free spirits in spite of their dependence on the pack.  It is believed that wolves avoid a fight wherever possible.  These creatures of the forest can shift their posture, growl and even project a glance to get their message across.

Wolf medicine has a strong sense of self.  This animal can find new solutions to problems and yet maintain stability in a family environment.  The wolf teaches us to face the end of our life with dignity and courage.  The wolf is also associated with guidance in dreams and meditations.  The wolf is linked with intelligence, family values and outwitting enemies.  The wolf has the ability to pass unseen.  Persons with the wolf as a totem animal can count on being able to be adapt at protecting one's self and family.  The wolf can also provide guidance on taking advantage of change.

Fox  Strengths include: cunning, agility and quick wittiness.

The fox has a long history of magic and cunning associated with it.  The fox is a creature of the night and so the tales of his supernatural abilities abound.

The Cherokees invoke fox medicine to prevent frostbite.  Hopi shamans wear fox skins in healing rites.  The Choctaw saw the fox as the protector of the family unity. 

In many cultures the fox was held in high esteem.  For instance, the ancient Persians considered the fox sacred as did the Indians of Peru, who considered him a god.  The Egyptians believed that fox fur brought favor with the gods.


Panther (leopard)

The panther is a very powerful and ancient totem.  It embodies, aggressiveness and power.  It is thought that anyone who aligns with the panther will begin to develop greater depth of vision.  This could include: aspects of their life, events or other people.  This is more than psychic sight.  It is an inner knowing.

If the panther comes into your life, you may develop the ability to hear the communications of other dimensions and even other life forms.